'til St. Patrick's Day. Erin go bragh!

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St. Joseph's Day Parade

Parade Route For The Floats And Maids

Due to the need for our Maids to arrive at the Hilton Hotel in time to prepare to be introduced at our St. Joseph's Gala, we employ slighly different parade routes for our floats and for our marchers. Below is the parade route for the floats and Maids. The floats and Maids will actually encompass the first part of our parade. They will start the parade at Canal Street and Charters at 6:00 p.m. The marchers will then follow. The only difference between the route for the floats and Maids and the route for the marchers is that when the floats and Maids turn onto St. Ann, they will proceed to Decatur Street and back to the Hilton Hotel instead of turning onto Royal Street like the marchers.

Parade Route For Marchers

We understand that our marchers prefer to stay in the busier parts of the French Quarter longer. The parade route for the marchers will begin on Canal Street and Charters after the floats and Maids pass. The route that we have implemented for the marchers is as follows:

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